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What is The French Hub?

Are you an expat in France and still struggling to understand spoken French?

Are you working in a French-speaking company and need to use French with your colleagues or clients?

Have you been learning French for years and have reached an intermediate or even advanced level? 

Can you understand written French without much difficulty but conversations between native speakers are incomprehensible?

I’ve heard this very often.

There is a big gap between written and spoken French and many expats in France struggle to communicate with locals even after many years studying the language

I created The French Hub for you!

To reach fluency, immersing yourself by living in the country or watching random YouTube videos is not enough. You need a strategy.

I know this because I have been an expat myself for 10 years and had to learn English and Spanish on my own.

Online French teacher

Salut ! I’m Julie and I help expats in France get confident in French and use spoken French so they can make connections with locals and thrive at work.

I studied English for 8 years at school (not at uni though) and on my own before arriving in London with a big smile on my face and realising that I couldn’t understand native speakers. The opposite was also true. Locals could barely understand me!


I had spent most of my time reading in English and studying grammar. I completely neglected listening and speaking practice, the key for an effective communication.

Most of the time, students focus on reading skills as it’s easier. It’s what I did and let me tell you, that didn’t work. Neglecting listening caused me a lot of troubles. Improving your listening skills will allow you to understand locals and answer them without losing confidence! And last but not least, it will help you pronounce French more clearly and improve your fluency.

After years of learning English, Spanish and now Catalan, I finally understood that learning how to listen better is the key to progress in any language – if your goal is to communicate, indeed.

Bref, if you want to improve your confidence in French and focus on spoken French, you’re at the right place. You can learn at your own pace with my introductory mini-course Pardon My French or with my 1:1 live programmes designed to improve your listening skills and fluency.


Business consultant

Testimonial D

Learning a second language was a gift I promised myself when I turned 30.  I have been so lucky to have found such a wonderful, committed and supportive tutor in Julie.

Happily retired In Provence

Testimonial C

The lessons have completely changed how I can experience life in France. I can much more easily find my way through daily life in France. Julie has been a skilful, encouraging and cheerful guide.

Civil servant in London and francophile

Testimonial B

Best French lessons ever! I went from A2 to B1 and successfully passed the DELF with flying colours. The lessons were really interesting and used materials tailored to my interests!

Working for an international organisation


In 2 years, my French improved from DELF A2 to DELF B2. I am now using French for client-facing work. Julie genuinely cares about her student’s and she also makes the lesson fun!