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Tailored preparation to pass your DELF exam

The DELF exam is often required when you want to study or work in a French-speaking country.

Do you need to prove your French level to enter a specific university? Would you like to apply for a role in francophone company? The French Hub prepares students for the official French DELF and DALF exams. Some universities courses require the B1 or B2 levels and many French companies ask for the B2 level.

For Who?

LEVEL – Intermediate (B1) to advanced (C1)

Get over your fear of speaking : improve your pronunciation and develop your fluency with a professional tutor

Get personalised support and learn strategies and tips to pass the exam


Master the DELF method to pass the exam

First, we’ll work with the best DELF preparation book for you to master the method and obviously know the exam material. To pass the Delf French exam, you’ll need to master 4 skills : reading, listening, speaking and writing. We’ll make a plan according to your own strengths and weaknesses to help you achieve your goals. You’ll also learn how to write essays and make speaking presentations the ‘French way’.

Nail your speaking presentation

The main source of stress when students prepare an exam is often the speaking part. This can be easily overcome if you prepare it with a teacher. You’ll work on the vocabulary and the grammar structures needed at your level. You’ll learn how to make a great presentation respecting the DELF codes. Your French teacher will help you develop your fluency and improve your pronunciation. Preparing with a professional teacher will simply boost your confidence.

DALF/DELF preparation

One-off: 45€

10h package: 410€


Business consultant

Testimonial D

Learning a second language was a gift I promised myself when I turned 30.  I have been so lucky to have found such a wonderful, committed and supportive tutor in Julie.

Happily retired In Provence

Testimonial C

The lessons have completely changed how I can experience life in France. I can much more easily find my way through daily life in France. Julie has been a skilful, encouraging and cheerful guide.

Civil servant in London and francophile

Testimonial B

Best French lessons ever! I went from A2 to B1 and successfully passed the DELF with flying colours. The lessons were really interesting and used materials tailored to my interests!

Working for an international organisation


In 2 years, my French improved from DELF A2 to DELF B2. I am now using French for client-facing work. Julie genuinely cares about her student’s and she also makes the lesson fun!