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Learn how to speak French more naturally

Do you want to learn how to speak French more naturally? Whether you’d like to communicate with your in-laws, your neighbours or your French colleagues at work, The French Hub can help you improve your skills. My programmes aim to develop your confidence when you communicate in French.

You can opt for the individual option (details below) or the speaking club, which is a lighter but fun and very effective commitment .

For Who?

LEVEL – Elementary (A2) to advanced level (C1)

Develop your confidence in French by focusing on listening and speaking

Work with relevant and modern material to become familiar with French society and culture


Flipped classroom method

I use the flipped classroom method so you can focus your speaking practice during the lesson with me. This means you study the material before our lesson. It’s all available on an online platform: listening and reading activities, grammar and vocabulary. You should dedicate between 30 and 60 minutes to this depending on the time you have. This method promotes the student’s autonomy, essential at the intermediate and advanced level, specially if you want to improve your fluency. Speaking practice is key to improve your fluency but you shouldn’t neglect the input you’re receiving in French! Getting exposed to a LOT of input in French is actually the first step to be able to have a natural conversation.

Learn the communicative way

My French lessons are conversation based and favour a communicative approach, focused on interactions, e.g. listening and speaking. If you have learnt French in the past and have solid foundations in grammar, but still struggle to understand and speak French, I recommend you choose this format. Every week, I select a lesson topic based on an audio document or an article so you can practise listening or reading first, expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency during the session. The speaking lesson takes place with me on Zoom every week and lasts 30 minutes. You get all the attention of the teacher, personalised feedback and a roadmap on how to improve your skills.

Conversation Lessons

Monthly programme: 140€

10h package: 410€


Business consultant

Testimonial D

Learning a second language was a gift I promised myself when I turned 30.  I have been so lucky to have found such a wonderful, committed and supportive tutor in Julie.

Happily retired In Provence

Testimonial C

The lessons have completely changed how I can experience life in France. I can much more easily find my way through daily life in France. Julie has been a skilful, encouraging and cheerful guide.

Civil servant in London and francophile

Testimonial B

Best French lessons ever! I went from A2 to B1 and successfully passed the DELF with flying colours. The lessons were really interesting and used materials tailored to my interests!

Working for an international organisation


In 2 years, my French improved from DELF A2 to DELF B2. I am now using French for client-facing work. Julie genuinely cares about her student’s and she also makes the lesson fun!